What Sells Real Property?

1. Agents 2. Condition 3. Exposure 4. Price

Enthusiastic Agents are a crucial influence in the buying decision. More than half the time an offer is written because buyers trust the advice of a knowledgeable professional.

The condition of the property is in your hands. The newer the carpet, the fresher the paint, the more upgraded the bathrooms and kitchen, the higher the sale price.

Exposure is a partnership task between you and your Agent. Often times a property-a good property-will not sell because prospective buyers are not able to see it due to difficult showing restrictions, insufficient open houses or inadequate advertising.

Last, but most important, is the competitiveness of the price. Owners don't set the sales price, Agents don't set the sales price, Appraisers do not set the sales price. BUYERS DETERMINE THE MARKET PRICE OF PROPERTY by their willingness tp pay a "fair" price.


Overpriced homes often sell for less than they're worth . . .

Reason One: You waste your "hottest" selling time-the valuable early weeks when your home first hits the market. You attract the wrong people, scare off the right ones and miss fair offers!

Reason Two: Other Agents will not show your over-priced home to their clients. They don't want to hurt their credibility or waste time on a difficult seller.

Reason Three: Even if you cut your price later, your momentum is lost. Your home may sit unsold for months. Soon it becomes "distressed merchandise." You attract bargain hunters. You're stuck with insulting offers.

Friedman Realty helps you price your property to sell
of flattering you with a price to buy your listing!


Why List Your Property with Friedman Realty?

  • The highest price for your property will be secured by intelligent negotiating skills.
  • A faster sale will result from attentive marketing methods.
  • Prestigious representation by a respected Marin-owned firm.
  • More customized advertising for your particular property.
  • Precise knowledge of daily mortgage market activity.
  • Integrity of business practices to insulate you from litigation.
  • Member of Marin and San Francisco Board of Realtors.
  • Total staff commitment to sell your property.
  • Atmosphere of mutual support-not competition-among staff.
  • Full time, career agents.
  • Twenty-five agents with 10.5 years average real estate experience.
  • Immediate access to owner/management support and decisions.
  • Staff most sensitive to agent's role as objective buffer between principals.
  • Office hours seven days a week. "Even our secretaries know our name."
  • We are positive, friendly and enthusiastic.

We deliver the service other companies promise!


Why Pay An Agent?

Before buying or selling property, a real estate commission seems excessive. After the transaction, most people agree they would not do all the work of their agent for the fee paid.

A top-notch real estate agent must have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Current market activity
  • Marketing methods
  • Mortgage resources
  • Loan qualification requirements
  • Appraisal data sources
  • Legal rights & liabilities
  • Tax ramifications
  • Psychology of human relations
  • Available inventory
  • Negotiating skills
  • Construction codes
  • City inspection laws & codes
  • Contractor, termite & engineering reports
  • Title information:
    • liens, clouds, easements, encroachments, covenants, restrictions & conditions
  • Surveys
  • Consumer Laws:
    • Seller disclosure statements, Regulation "Z" requirements, imputed Tax Law, Seller Financing Disclosure, IRS Non-Resident Affidavit, Bonds and Assessments.
  • Insurance:
    • Hazard, Flood, Earthquake, Tenant, Second Dwelling
  • Problem solving and peace making: a buffer between principals

Common problems that occur during the process of buying or selling real estate:


Common Problems that occur during the process of buying or selling real estate.

People change their mind about buying or selling.

A seller's replacement transaction fails.

Buyer's commitment for down payment does not materialize.

Co-signer for buyer changes their mind.

The buyer's committee (family & friends) is negative about the property.

Seller's neighbors and friends advise seller not to accept a lower price for the property.

Seller discovers after accepting an offer, a large prepayment penalty is due upon sale.

Loan rates increase. The buyer's credit is flawed.

Inspection reports are negative. Remedies are overwhelming. Buyers and sellers can not negotiate a compromise.

Septic system is inadequate, old or leaking.

Well water is subject to seasonal contamination.

Well water supply is inadequate.

Title report reveals unresolved issues:

·         Foreclosure notices

·         Encumbrances for more than the sale price encroachments

·         Unexpected assessments or bonds

·         More owners on title than on agreement to sell

·         Deceased parties still on title

Reconveyances not completed on paid loans

Easements restricting use or expansion of property

Covenant, conditions and restrictions prohibiting certain activities and/or uses of the property.

Inconsistent information from different "official" sources.

City resale inspections reveal problems:

·         Code violations in the building systems

·         Additions completed without a permit

·         Illegal use of property; i.e. rental, home business, farm animals

·         Insufficient smoke detectors

·         Unstrapped water heaters

·         Inadequate spark arrestors, fire doors and/or hand rails

·         Square foot of house and/or, parcel is inaccurate

Tenants want to be uncooperative with negative opinions, resistance to showing or untidiness.

The other principals are embroiled in a complicated divorce.

Divorce is not final. Absent spouse needed to sign quit claim deed.

Tax consequences are discovered after a purchase agreement is signed.

The loan documents are late because of aback up of work for appraisers, loan processors or loan agent.

Funding is delayed.

Payoff demands of existing loans delayed.

Movers can't be re-scheduled on short notice.

Seller removes fixtures included in purchase agreement.

Seller removes personal property that buyer does want.

Seller leaves personal property buyer doesn't want.

We, at Friedman Realty, can not tell you what will be the complexities of your real estate transaction. Nor can we prevent problems from arising but we will be YOUR tireless advocate in resolving the conflicts and making the experience the best possible for you.

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